#alpesepic17 was one of the most intense weeks I've had on the bike, road or mtb! Living and racing at altitude was OK for us both no problem. We both stayed calm most of the time. I talked a lot to my team mate about taking the first days easy.

Montgeneve. love this place!

That first, second and third downhill are Epic singletracks, the type of trail that blow your hands and brakes to the limit! Down to the finish of stage 1 was the Montgeneve Bike Park flow. On the first descent I followed a team down a wrong turn, ( too much excitement, and I forgot the GPS mentality, it was a GPS Race with markings) That added a few extra climbing metres! No stress, it was a long week ahead and it is an adventure race -  sorry Øivind! Stage1 Montgeneve/ Montgeneve was an all-time-favourites ride! Stage2 demanded over 3000 climbing metres. Next time I hope the race offer a chair lift option. If you race in in the Alps remember good tyres, wider handlebars and dropper post for these downhills/ the switch backs are tight.

We won a award of Local beer, cheese and bread. Øivind kept the stage Trophy, I ate the cheese and drank the beer! Love the Alps! The food was great all week and so where the apartments. Never a easy day so food and rest are important. The bikes where and cleaned and serviced by race mechanics and we also had a 15min massage after each ride.

I needed 1 hour 15mins massage!

For us it was all about the adventure high in the French Alps. No problems with GPS racing even though we totally messed up the last stage with a epic wrong turn bad gps reading. Only our second mistake all week. Øivind also suffered from dehydration as the heat was up to 37 degrees, we now know what its i like in the Tour De France up the 8km climbs in hot sun!

We have no wind factor as we travel slower on the dirt. This event will test your limits like no other event I know! What saves you is the fresh and very healthy food catering. The food tent each day was a fine food restaurant with an extremely healthy menu.

Every country has its differences but riding and sometimes hiking on top of the world at 2700m was very special. Again the serious downhills are sometimes madness like you only get in the Alpes.